Tęsknota za latem coraz mocniejsza. Na pocieszenie Natalie i Elliot Bergman jako Wild Belle. W marcu długo wyczekiwany przez nas album “Isles”. A barytonowy saksofon w “Keep You” to czysta brzmieniowa poezja. Zaśpiewajmy razem:

Same song, again and again
You wrong me twice and I keep coming back
Tell me what the matter is, little man
I’ve got a pretty face and I wear a nice dress

Why can’t I keep you?
Keep you

Every minute that I spend on you
I give you honey and I give you truth
All the other women they get treat so rude
Cry, cry, cause you make them blue
Running over town like you got no nerve
Sleeping in the shanty of a brand new girl
Call me after Nancy, but before Rachel
Why can’t I keep you for myself?